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“The swelling ranks of obese, expectant mothers are at heightened danger of having miscarriages, still-births and premature babies, and more likely to deliver children who develop diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even spina bifida. A study released just this week found obese women were almost 70% more likely than others to have an autistic child, too.”

Obesity during pregnancy may deprive fetus of crucial oxygen: study | News | National Post

Well, yikes. 

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“The swelling ranks”… oh my god, I am SO going to start using that facetiously. Once I finally get knocked up again (been trying for a year and a half) that will be the title of one of my pregnancy blog posts. I’ve also decided to refer to the bebe as a fetus for most of the pregnancy, just to piss my family off. I might be a bad person… I kind of don’t care.

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Telling women who give birth to children with spina bifida, “Your fat is the cause of your child’s neurological disorder” is a fucked up thing to say to a mother dealing with a newborn with special needs, one of which is often surgery during infancy. I’d like to read their study to get more info.

But swelling ranks, that’s something I’ll be using.