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30. Low femme fat Puerto Rican cis-lady. Living in the second whitest state in the US in a peaceful small town between a lake, mountains, and the Canadian border. Midwestern girl at heart. Always keeping busy.

Fatshion February - Over already?

My fatshion shopping turned out similar to how it always does. I end up liking and purchasing about 2% of what I try on. I have gotten to a point where unless something fits perfectly into my wardrobe, I won’t spend money on it (free is another story. I scored two free hoodies from Battery Street Jeans this weekend!). Being the kind of person who likes to wear things as soon as I get them, this is what I scored over the weekend (minus a plain black shirt to wear under several sundresses).

T-shirt  - Walmart, $5, size XL

Jeans - Target, $6.24, size 18. The fact that I actually bought pants at Target is amazing. Their sizing is so jacked up (just because I’m fat doesn’t mean I’m tall) that I haven’t bothered to purchase pants from them since 2006. I am doubting the truth of the “mid-rise” label on these pants though.

Necklace - gift from boyfriend

Hat - hand-knit, hand-dyed hyacinth hat

Socks! - Sacre du Printemps pattern knit with Lorna’s Laces sock yarn. Thank goodness this was toe-up. I had to modify the cuff so it would actually fit around my calf.

Not pictured - Dear Hunter hoodie, Columbia duck boots purchased at the Salvation Army for trekking to a meeting, gas mark Converse for indoors, Traveling Woman shawlette.