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30. Low femme fat Puerto Rican cis-lady. Living in the second whitest state in the US in a peaceful small town between a lake, mountains, and the Canadian border. Midwestern girl at heart. Always keeping busy.

My contribution to the agree upon journal swap with Meredith Graves.

I got this beautiful antique ledger for 75 cents at a garage sale in Rouses Point, NY last month. That circle on the cover is from the sticker that they put on it (boo!). It’s got some great info, like that egg whites and milk are antidotes for just about every poison and that a ten-ton box car can carry 20,000 pounds of butter. I don’t have any idea how old this is, the owner and I guessed late thirties or forties. It’s got 48 states listed and Arizona was the last state to join the union (1912) before Hawaii and Alaska.